Tire pressure monitor systems for trucks

Retrofitting tire pressure monitor systems

As an extension to our automotive camera monitor systems, we offer compact tire pressure monitoring systems for trucks and commercial vehicles, construction machinery, fire trucks and forklifts. These tire pressure monitoring systems can very easily be retrofitted at any time. All the components you need are a display, the included receiving antenna, and a corresponding number of tire pressure sensors. Our systems can process up to 38 tires per display. Choose between a simple body display or a DIN-slot variant for your display..

How it works: our tire pressure monitoring system

After successfully being installed onto the vehicle, all sensors must be manually programmed into the display. This process can be performed either on the display itself or with a special handheld programmer..

Important for this is the ID on the sensor. Please note: sensors cannot have the same ID, otherwise the system will not be able to assign these tires correctly. If all IDs have been entered correctly, the tire pressure display automatically receives all data. For very long vehicles we recommend our standard booster. This device increases the transmission range of the tire pressure sensors.

Our tire pressure monitoring systems automatically detect at 5-minute intervals and provide immediate audible and visual alarms when tire pressure is too high or too low, when there is excessive pressure loss, and if high temperatures develop, for example if a brake is stuck.