Thermal Image Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras for vehicles

Special vehicles used for defense purposes and by fire departments require camera monitor systems at night. With our thermal imaging cameras for vehicles, we can easily meet these requirements. Our cameras feature compact design and many special functions. These thermal imaging cameras are often used for the following:

  • Airport fire engines
  • All types of fire engines and vehicles
  • Special Operations Commando operations
  • Military emergency vehicles
  • Public authority water cannons
  • Flame test observation in the textile industry


Use thermal imaging cameras on Android

Through our wireless image transmission systems, you can use our thermal imaging camera on Android. Alternatively, you can use it with an iOS app for iPhones or all Apple tablets. Our SmartLink 470 is perfect for wireless transmission of thermal images.

Take advantage of the special functions of all FLIR thermal cameras

The control board we have developed allows us and you to use all the special features of FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Inside our thermal cameras, we use a TAU module from FLIR. This module normally only provides the user with a very limited number of functions; but with our TAU control board we can unlock the following functions:

  • Switch between standard and isotherm color palettes
  • Display in gray scale or false colors
  • Digital zoom (up to 8x)
  • Digital temperature display overlay
  • Control via RS-485

We program our thermal cameras to meet to your requirements, allowing you to use them as soon as you get them – without any further adjustment.

Thermal imaging cameras for fire departments

Our thermal imaging cameras’ main area of use is in fire departments. Our ControLaser Robot thermal imaging camera is best suited for this purpose. This camera was specifically developed for mobile operation on fire department vehicles and fulfills all customer requirements. Depending on how it will be used, we offer cameras with 324 x 256 pixel or 640 x 512 pixel resolution. Various lenses and special functions are also available. ControLaser Robot is delivered in a compact, waterproof aluminum housing and is designed for an operating voltage range of 10-36V DC.

Contact us and our sales department for further information.