Surround view systems: for an all-round view

Bird’s eye view camera systems

Bird’s eye view camera systems are characterized by the special way they display images. The images from four 180° cameras are combined to create an all-round view with a bird’s-eye perspective. We use this type of reversing camera system mainly on trucks, commercial vehicles and buses. We can also equip special vehicles after consultation – simply contact our sales department (please see below).

Retrofitting surround view systems

Since surround view systems are rarely installed during manufacture, we specialize in retrofitting such systems. When mounting, it is important to make sure that all four cameras are mounted in the middle of the sides of the vehicle, ensuring the greatest possible all-round view for the driver. Calibration is required to display the camera images without equalization, a job that requires calibration mats and our calibration kit. With the appropriate software, the data from the cameras can then be processed and transmitted to the central control box. This process is described in detail in our operating instructions, which are easy to follow so every workshop manager or installer can do this without a hitch!

Should you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call or write to us at any time!

Or perhaps you need a standard backup camera system?

For compact commercial vehicles and panel delivery trucks, we recommend surround view systems, as they can be assembled and calibrated very easily. For vehicle types longer than 12 meters or vehicles with special attachments, we recommend a backup camera system with four cameras. Because our system combines individual camera images digitally, certain extensions or attachments may encounter the problem that calibration cannot be performed properly, thus resulting in a negatively affected final display.

Generally, using individual cameras in conjunction with a quad monitor always saves you the effort required as a result of extra calibration.

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Advantages of our surround view systems:

  • Complete all-round view
  • Reduced maneuvering damage
  • Customizable adjustment of field of view
  • Only one calibration necessary (for the same vehicles)

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