Special warnings for emergency service vehicles

Be seen and heard with visual and audible warning systems

Increased traffic with increased noise levels makes it difficult for emergency service vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and highway service vehicles to advance. Oftentimes, these vehicles are not heard due to the loud traffic and also not seen, leading to a high number of accidents.

High-tech LED light bars with blue or yellow lights, paired with front flashing lights and sirens, allow emergency vehicles to progress safely even in the heaviest traffic. Integrated displays alert drivers to dangers well in advance. High-performance LED work lights illuminate hazardous areas. Warning systems from Ried System Electronic offer excellent protection at construction and accident sites both day and night.

What would you like to learn more about?

  • Optical signals (light bars)
  • Rotating warning lights
  • Sirens for emergency vehicles
  • Proximity sensor technology for electric vehicles
  • Blue/red lights
  • Airport runway markings
  • High performance LED working lights

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