STOS Save Trailer Operation System

Safe Trailer Operation System STOS

These days, our sensitive environment demands special technology for commercial vehicles. Numerous commercial vehicles heading to loading docks in the city each morning results in environmental pollution. Residents have to put up with engine noise, loud beeping from reversing warnings and annoying reverse lights and headlights.

Our Safe Trailer Operating System (STOS) uses innovative technology to combine numerous sensors, creating one single network. STOS can detect in 3D if people are in a vehicle’s danger zone and – only when necessary – send an audible or visual warning and intervene in the driver’s actions. If no one is in danger and no obstacles are detected, the vehicle moves with minimal warning to keep noises as low as possible. The combination of numerous sensor technologies allows reliable detection of stationary or moving obstacles and any potential for danger in a split second, and can also determine the direction of movement. Innovation allows commercial vehicles to be operated significantly more safely with the lowest environmental burden and threat possible.

Benefit from our current product developments:

  • Combination of audio and visual alarms
  • Dynamic alarms and displays for the driver
  • Dynamic person detection and warning
  • Object and obstacle detection with direction of movement

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