SDI / HDMI Camera Systems

Increased awareness thanks to high-resolution images

Recent years have seen rapid development in the field of digital image resolution: today, our SDI / HDMI camera systems provide high-resolution images with more than 2 megapixels. These camera systems enhance details in video images taken from cameras on vehicles. Using cameras mounted on police cars and emergency or security services vehicles, digital images can be enlarged to identify, for example, license plates, people or details. Crane cameras, which look at loads to be transported from above, also produce an extremely high level of detail.

You will be amazed by the quality of these images.
Also: take a closer look at our HD SDI cameras on our HD SDI camera page!

Benefit from our current product developments:  

  • Documentation cameras for emergency vehicles
  • High-resolution surround view cameras (crew awareness camera)
  • Crane camera systems with digital zoom
  • Camera systems for self-driving vehicles
  • Accident documentation cameras

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