Thermal imaging cameras for fire departments and other assistance systems

Are you looking for a high-quality camera system for your forklift, crane or armored vehicle? You have come to the right place! For more than 25 years we have been leading new developments in automotive electronic systems, beginning with radiotelephony. As camera technology pioneers, we again and again seize the opportunity to develop new areas of business based on our experience and expert knowledge. One example: in addition to backup cameras such as thermal imaging cameras for fire departments, our portfolio also includes distance sensors.

Modern thermal imaging camera for fire departments: ControLaser Robot 324

Special vehicles, like those used in fire departments or the military, and all of their equipment and technical assistance systems, must meet the strictest demands. Our products are characterized by their compact design and wide range of special functions. They are made to meet specific requirements and include our ControLaser Robot thermal imaging camera for fire departments. We designed this product especially for mobile use on fire engines. The sturdy, waterproof and yet compact IP68 aluminum housing encases a Standard FLIR Core and a special circuit board that makes it possible to use special functions. This thermal imaging camera allows, among other things, a switch between standard or isothermal color palettes, as well as a display in false colors or gray scale. Our ControLaser Robot 324 comes in 324 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixel resolution, and four different lenses are available. Every customer will find the perfect version for their specific use with the features they desire.


Ried System Electronic GmbH gives drivers a powerful tool. It is important to always be able to have an eye on your surroundings while protecting yourself and others from potential dangers. To do so, we are proud to work together with renowned research institutions to develop the most modern technology and top quality products that ensure your safety.

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RIED’s range of products includes not only backup cameras and distance sensors, but also tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and other signaling system technology. All of our products have been safety-tested and approved in accordance with legal regulations.

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We know what we are doing – and are always on the lookout for new technologies. Our core expertise allows new development and optimization of high-quality intercom systems, thermal imaging cameras for vehicles, and driver assistance systems that have been proven to reduce and prevent accidents.

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Innovative camera systems or driver assistance systems? We can deliver.

Cameras & Sensors

Our selection of camera and monitor systems is so large that you are guaranteed to find the perfect system for your needs – backup cameras, side cameras or high-tech LCD monitors. We also have a large selection of distance sensors, ranging from ultrasonic technology and radar sensors to camera-based solutions and audible reverse warning alarms.

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Driver assistance systems

Our driver assistance systems offer timely assistance and always intervene when the driver’s attention is impaired. Drivers need to receive the best possible technical support anywhere that vehicles and machines pose a danger to people. You can always rely on our modern driver assistance systems.

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Cable Production

We are prepared for all of our customers’ requirements and supply not only top-quality components, but also connectors for backup camera systems, connecting cables and adapters. Our in-house injection mold machines make this possible. Adapters and cables for special requirements are also easy for us to produce.

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Innovative distance sensors for many types of use

Our range of distance sensors includes innovative camera warning systems for various types of vehicles, including driver assistance systems for forklifts, a vehicle which has often severely limited visibility. These modern systems recognize obstacles and warn drivers of possible dangers. In contrast to conventional systems, there is no loud beeping and parking is made easier.

Are you interested in one of our thermal imaging cameras for fire departments or a product from our range of our distance sensors? We are happy to help you with our comprehensive expertise and years of experience. Take advantage of the professional consultation you will receive from us. Contact us today!