Backup camera systems for everything on wheels

We offer high-quality backup camera systems for all types of vehicles and self-driving machines.

These automotive camera monitor systems are easy to install and are mainly used on commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural and municipal vehicles, as well as various industrial trucks, and defense and airport vehicles.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation for special vehicles.  

Active warning thanks to backup alarms

Not only drivers, but also people in the vicinity, benefit from more safety when vehicles reverse. It is essential to be actively warned of possible dangers, particularly when maneuvering and backing up large vehicles.

At Ried we are proud to offer backup alarms which, depending on the version, emit a warning tone from 87dB to 112dB. For particularly high-vibration construction machines, we even have alarms encased in a durable metal housing. In addition to standard reversing alarms, we also have a large selection of special versions such as alarms with self-adjusting volume.

Tire pressure monitoring systems

Serious accidents and damage can also occur while driving forwards. Sometimes such accidents can be caused when tire pressure is too high or too low. To minimize the potential for danger, we offer tire pressure monitoring systems with automatic warning if the actual tire pressure deviates from the set pressure value.

We have the perfect tire pressure monitor systems for commercial vehicles with trailers, as well as construction machinery with VG12 valve threads. Even dual tires are no problem for us. Generally our systems can monitor up to 38 tires simultaneously.

Driver assistance systems

Today, nearly all cars are equipped with driver assistance systems. But retrofitting is especially worthwhile for commercial vehicles. Our range of products includes an active lane departure warning system, pre-crash alert systems, a blind spot assistant and our STOS safe trailer operation system.

Special distance sensors such as radar and ultrasonic sensors are also part of our range of driver assistance systems.