Our range of products – backup camera systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and special signaling systems

Always the best solution

A leading manufacturer and importer, Ried System Electronic delivers highly complex camera systems that all comply with European directives and standards. Put us to the test! We promise you that we will deliver only the highest-quality products.

Benefit from Ried’s promise of quality:

  • Innovative technology
  • Flawless processing
  • Flexible uses
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Variable combinations

High-quality backup camera systems

Our high quality backup camera systems are offered under the brand name ControLaser. These feature robust aluminum housing, an excellent connector and other special features. Our automotive camera monitor systems are mainly used on commercial vehicles and fire engines. Due to their high strength, they can also be easily mounted on all construction machinery and defense vehicles.

We are happy to supply you with a free test system at any time so that we can persuade you too with our outstanding quality!

Tire pressure monitor systems for trucks

For large trucks and commercial vehicles that travel a lot on highways, blown tires can be absolutely fatal and threaten the lives and safety of not only the drivers but also other people on the road. To avoid this type of accident, we supply vehicle manufacturers and service shops with our compact tire pressure monitoring systems for trucks. These can handle up to 38 tires and give both audible and visual alarms in case of loss of pressure. The tire pressure of trailers can also be monitored with our system. We also have a large selection of tire pressure sensors for different types of vehicles.

If you are interested in our tire pressure monitoring systems, please let us know more about your vehicle so that we can offer you the most suitable system.

Special signaling systems for highway maintenance agencies

As a former radio and emergency service radio dealer, we have plenty of expertise in the field of special signaling systems. For a number of years, we have been equipping highway maintenance service vehicles with light bars and front or rear flashers. It goes without saying that our products fulfill all the necessary guidelines and standards.

We perform installations ourselves in our large hall and we will be happy to equip your vehicles. Call or write us today to make an appointment.

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