Commercial Vehicles

The experts in camera systems for commercial vehicles

Ried System Electronic GmbH has specialized in automotive camera systems for commercial vehicles since 1988.

Originally, our core business was in camera systems for reversing (backup cameras). Today, not only do we equip commercial vehicles with standard camera systems, we also fit various distance sensor systems and reverse warning systems, as well as tire pressure monitoring systems and other innovative driver assistance systems.

Greater flexibility thanks to in-house cable production

To meet the needs of various types and lengths of vehicles, we have also expanded our expertise to the area of cable manufacturing. Since 2000 we have produced our own universal cables and connector solutions for nearly every commercial vehicle manufacturer. Thanks to special plastic injection mold machines, we are able to offer adapter solutions with exceptional quality. We are so convinced by our in-house manufactured cables that we ever offer them with a 10-year warranty!

Cargo securing

To help meet the increasing demand for cargo securing in commercial vehicles, we have developed components and system concepts that allow monitoring, recording, alarm and image forwarding of the interior, as well as of loading and unloading. Complex camera monitor systems are used in combination with special distance sensor systems.

STOS concept for utility vehicles of the future

As an innovate company, we always strive to keep our camera systems on the cutting edge and design them for the future. One example is our new STOS (safe trailer operation system) concept. This system allows for safe maneuvering through the use of camera systems, in combination with additional distance sensors such as radar, ultrasonic sensors and PIR. Depending on the situation, the communication between all components also controls reversing alarms and other driver assistance systems, depending on the situation. The STOS concept thus provides the highest level of safety for commercial vehicle traffic.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Accident-free maneuvering
  • Flexible cable selection
  • Monitored cargo securing
  • Increased safety thanks to an innovative concept

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