Municipal vehicles

Accident-free driving for the city

Communal vehicles are on the road in all four seasons: winter road maintenance vehicles, sweepers, ambulances, police cars and fire engines included. A frightening potential for danger is always present if these vehicles are not equipped with, or have insufficient, visual or audible warning systems.

Particularly difficult weather conditions such as snow and ice place very high demands on road safety. Camera monitor systems from Ried System Electronic give drivers an optimal overview of the traffic situation even in poor visibility.


Quickly adjust LCD brightness, contrast, volume

We have developed a reversing monitor with rotary controls especially for municipal vehicles. Values such as brightness, contrast and volume can be quickly and easily adapted. Conveniently switch between several backup cameras at the touch of a button. Additional functions can be found in corresponding submenus.

High-tech folding cameras for winter road maintenance vehicles

Most commercially available backup cameras fail after only a few weeks when used on winter maintenance vehicles. Road salt, ice and snow are tough opponents. But we have a backup camera with a motorized protective flap – a so-called folding camera – up our sleeve. When the protective flap closes, a built-in windshield wiper cleans the camera lens so that you always have a clear view. In addition, an automatically regulated heater de-frosts the camera. All in all, this is the perfect product for municipal vehicles!


Your advantages:

  • The best all-round visibility
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Easy-to-use
  • Winter protection

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