Intercom systems for communication in vehicles & other driver assistance systems

Intercom systems are often indispensable for communicating in vehicles, for example in trucks. The systems ensure that the driver can communicate and accept instructions at any time. A strong radio connection and the simplest handling possible are required in order to be able to make and receive calls while driving without compromising safety. At Ried, you will find excellent systems that are perfect for retrofitting commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles. At the same time, we also offer many additional driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles and trucks. These systems ensure safety in many different ways and can be added to any vehicle subsequent to manufacture. That goes for our distance sensors, camera monitor systems and many other alternatives that can be retrofitted to commercial vehicles and trucks.

Intercoms allow for smooth communication in a vehicle

Oftentimes, people in a vehicle must have discussions under difficult conditions. Engine or road noise contributes to making communication more problematic. This is often the case, for example, in the emergency vehicles of the fire department, ambulance services and garbage trucks, or when transporting passengers. Intercom systems from Ried are therefore built to provide the best communication under the most difficult conditions. The sound quality remains very high. This is also true of their handling and convenience. As a rule, using the talk button is sufficient to communicate as quickly and effectively as possible. Information can be sent to base immediately and passengers can receive new instructions without a problem. This is indispensable in many industries and is one reason why reliable intercom systems for vehicles are in demand.

Intercoms and other driver assistance systems for trucks

Intercom systems for commercial vehicles can be ideally supported by additional driver assistance systems from Ried. These include, in particular, innovative camera monitor systems that provide greater visibility when parking large vehicles. Integrating distance sensors and similar driver assistants, such as tire pressure monitoring systems, also pays off, allowing drivers to operate heavy vehicles such as trucks or garbage trucks even more smoothly and danger-free. Commercial vehicles can be supplemented and retrofitted as needed to improve processes or minimize risks in everyday life. Avoid property damage or personal injury effectively by installing such systems.

Look forward to the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of accidents when parking
  • Effective tire pressure monitoring in commercial vehicles
  • Backup camera and monitor for better navigation
  • Person and object detection minimizes risk of collision


Special driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles and trucks

When operating heavy transporters or commercial vehicles such as forklifts, the driver usually relies on special driver assistance systems to simplify their life on the road or while using their vehicle. This is possible, for example, with special navigation systems for trucks which have features such as maps of all of Europe, radio functions or an external hands-free kit. In order to give you more safety, we also provide tire pressure monitoring systems that can be easily and quickly retrofitted to commercial vehicles such as forklifts. The system can then monitor up to 38 tires per display unit to check the tire pressure of the vehicle while driving. If pressure drops, the driver is informed by the system with both visual and audio warnings. In combination with our systems’ manipulation protection, we are proud to create greater safety in many situations.

Innovative camera-based driver assistance systems

Today, driver assistance systems with digital image processing are standard and are especially used in commercial vehicles or large heavy goods vehicles to ensure the highest level of safety. These include innovative FCS systems and camera systems that automatically detect people and objects in the vicinity of a vehicle, alerting the driver with an audible signal and video image marker. This is especially helpful for vehicles that, due to their size, can only steer and maneuver with limited visibility.

Retrofit commercial vehicles with intercoms for better communication

A communication system can easily be retrofitted to a vehicle. This also applies to all other driver assistance systems we offer. Both the assembly and the later handling are uncomplicated, meaning that just about anyone can benefit from this practical driver assistant. Of course, the intercoms can be easily combined with rear view cameras or monitors to ensure the most comfort possible.

Ried System Electronic GmbH – 25 years of experience

As an accomplished provider and manufacturer of driver assistance systems, we know the high demands that users place on their vehicles and equipment. Sturdy processing and reliable operation are required. Driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles must be fully reliable and usable even when the driver is busy or faced with loud noise. For more than 25 years, Ried has incorporated these aspects into the production of our innovative equipment, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. We are proud to present state-of-the-art new products that feature technical innovations, as well as models that have pleased our customers for many years. Everything is combined with comprehensive service both before and after your purchase. We will be happy to help you find the perfect system for your requirements and vehicle.

Integrate intercoms in your vehicle for better communication and look forward to many advantages

Intercoms for communication in vehicles have been designed so people can have conversations during everyday work simply and without complications. People in a vehicle can communicate easily, allowing them to forward instructions from base quickly and without radio breakdowns. This ensures optimized work processes and that all-round communication is possible at all times. Additional driver assistance systems offer numerous advantages and can be easily retrofitted to commercial vehicles and trucks. These include tire pressure monitoring systems, as well as back camera systems to help when parking, or special models that are specially tailored for use in trucks. Our wide range of products includes many possibilities to increase safety standards and driver comfort. We offer various models with excellent features for all budgets, meaning we will find a system that completely meets your needs. If you have any questions or need any help, we will be happy to pass on our knowledge and consult with you about your purchase.  Simply contact us today!

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