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An intercom system for emergency vehicles is absolutely essential in many situations and should be part of a vehicle’s basic equipment. It is the only way communication can occur between people or areas without any difficulty. Professional workmanship ensures high quality audio without noise or other interference. RIED System Electronic GmbH offers suitable models that can be easily adapted to your site or your preferred means of communication.

Intercom systems for emergency vehicles means smooth and safe communication

As functional means of communication, intercom systems for emergency vehicles should primarily provide safety. This requires a stable audio connection, which can be achieved, for example, with an analogue or digital system. Loss of connection or noise must be prevented whenever possible. However, this is only possible when individual components and the entire system itself are manufactured to meet high quality standards: one aspect that has always been considered in the production processes of the RIED System Electronic communication systems.

Systems for greater safety and more effective work

A bad radio connection or poor call quality can lead to major problems in communication systems on emergency vehicles. This also applies to Bluetooth high-tech models and headsets that are used at the airport for example. Communication on the ground or from the ground to the cockpit must be open so that work processes are safe and that further problems in operational procedures are limited. Your investment in one of our high-quality communication systems will pay off. The choice is yours – simply tell us where you plan on using our system and we will consult with you on which model is best for you. We are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Invest in reliable intercoms for emergency vehicles from the pros and reap the benefits

Intercom systems and other models that are designed for wired and wireless communication provide the perfect complementary product in nearly every industry and area where professionalism is a must. The reliability and innovative processing of Ried products guarantees total comfort and convenience, no matter how and where you use our systems. This is in part due to the fact that we are renowned experts in our field and provide the experience and quality you deserve – and not only in respect of communication systems.

The perfect complement: camera monitor systems

In the end, it is not just about smooth communication when it comes to work processes. Safety must be the focus in order to be able to use emergency vehicles without any restrictions. So in addition to intercom systems for emergency vehicles, a corresponding camera monitor system can help optimize various processes. This is done with backup cameras or distance sensors that are especially useful on large, unwieldy vehicles. Accidents and other complications can be avoided and the potential for danger for the driver, vehicle and others minimized. An investment in a complete vehicle system pays off as it increases clear communication as well as safety in everyday work life.

RIED System Electronic GmbH – more than 25 years of experience

When you choose Ried System Electronic GmbH, you choose a reliable and expert partner for providing communication systems for commercial and emergency vehicles. As a provider and manufacturer of camera monitor systems and communication systems, we have been successful in the market for 25 years and can look back at many satisfied customers from various industries. Our range of products includes innovations as well as tried-and-true technologies. This ensures the most flexibility when it comes to products, such as the perfect backup camera, or when you need a customized sophisticated communication system.

Professional equipment for emergency and commercial vehicles

If you value quality when it comes to communication and radio systems and need a reliable model for your emergency or commercial vehicle, you will be glad you have chosen the professionalism and high-quality of Ried. As an experienced provider, we rely on a very large and professional range of products and offer customers complete before and after sales service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our intercom systems for emergency vehicles or one of our many other products. We are happy to help you find the best professional equipment and consult you on the best way to effectively retrofit your vehicle.

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