Driver assistance systems for industrial trucks and forklifts

Industrial trucks and forklifts particularly rely on driver assistance systems that increase convenience at work while minimizing the risk of accidents. Various aftermarket systems are available that can be easily mounted on a vehicle itself and are therefore well suited for retrofitting. These include innovative sensors designed to help the driver control the vehicle even more safely, as well as other systems designed to increase safety on the ground and prevent personal injury and property damage. This can be done, for instance, with radar sensors that intervene in the vehicle control system, by tire pressure monitoring systems, or with innovative SafetySpotLights for accident prevention in warehouses or logistics areas. Ried also offers many other driver assistance systems designed to increase driving comfort and safety in everyday life. In addition to equipment and systems for accident prevention or driving safety, we also provide backup camera systems and camera monitor systems that are suitable for use on all kinds of vehicles.

Camera monitor systems and other driver assistance systems for forklifts

Driver assistance systems for forklifts are a sensible retrofitting option to create more protection on location. Especially where there are several drivers with forklifts on the road at the same time, as well as other people who are in the halls or zones. It goes without saying that safety should have top priority and can be provided by special safety systems sold and produced by Ried. These are, for example, special sensors intended to prevent rear-end collisions or personal injury. Sometimes the systems also help the driver to drive the vehicle more comfortably and safely; such as when special sensors actively intervene in driving and automatically regulate speed or automatically check tire pressure. Camera monitor systems used for parking assistance or to maneuver large vehicles with even greater safer pay off by minimizing the risk of accidents and rear-end collisions. We at Ried are pleased to offer interested buyers a comprehensive range of camera-based driver assistance systems, including FCS systems, which facilitate vehicle guidance, are distinguished by different features and price ranges, and ensure forklift safety each and every day.

Prevent accidents – avoid collisions and personal injury

Industrial trucks and forklifts should first and foremost fulfill the purpose they were made for, and are less adapted to traffic and driving on the roads. Therefore it is necessary to equip these vehicles with additional components, not only to protect the driver but also others on the road. Carelessness can quickly lead to accidents in warehouses or storage areas. But innovative systems such as so-called SafetySpotLights from Ried can be used to increase safety. This system casts light a number of feet in front of the vehicle to quickly alert people and other forklift drivers of the approaching vehicle in advance. This is an important contribution to accident prevention without the need for a vehicle to go through extensive equipment retrofitting. The light spot system is easy to install on any forklift.

Distance sensors give drivers peace of mind and optimized visibility 

Forklift drivers sometimes have to work under difficult conditions, for example with limited visibility. This especially applies to large vehicles used in ports or large warehouses, as well as so-called reach stackers. These are large industrial trucks that transport huge containers at ports. Due to the vehicle model, drivers must expect and deal with very limited visibility. Drivers risk rear-impact collisions when reversing such a large vehicle, which could result in vehicle or property damage. Distance sensors help prevent this risk and ensure safe working conditions both indoors and outdoors. Because of their sturdy workmanship, these sensors can be used everywhere and you can decide where to install them on the vehicle. Thus, the sensors are not only useful at the rear of a vehicle but are also perfect for mounting on its sides.

Radar sensors create a reliable assistance system for forklift driving

Driving too fast with a forklift can often present a risk in confined warehouses. It can even end in rear-end collisions or personal injury. To make sure this does not happen, radar sensors act as excellent driver assistants. They actively intervene in the forklift’s vehicle control system by means of CAN-bus. Thus, these sensors recognize when a driver needs to reduce their speed. This can be the case, for example, in the entrance area of a depot or where there is present danger of collision. If the installed sensor detects a potential danger, the speed is reduced, regardless of the driver’s actions. This helps limit accidents caused by misconduct or misjudgment. However, the driver cannot manipulate the radar system thanks to appropriate security measures in the system.

Driver assistance systems to monitor forklift tire pressure

In order to be able to continuously monitor tire pressure, we offer another assistance system for forklifts – our tire pressure monitoring system. Sensors determine tire pressure during operation and inform the driver both audibly and visually where there is a possible drop in pressure. These sensors can be retrofitted on any forklift and are also protected against manipulation attempts by an anti-theft device.

Ried System Electronic GmbH – experts with 25 years of experience

For several years, Ried System Electronic GmbH has been concentrating on innovative additions and systems for forklifts and other industrial trucks in order to improve their everyday use. These additions and systems include not only camera monitor systems but also FCS systems that promote driving safety and help with parking. Customized communication systems and additional driver assistance systems are also available. This includes driver assistance systems that have been coordinated to work with the vehicle or large reach stackers. The goal is always to make things more comfortable for the driver, as they often have to operate their vehicle in difficult conditions. Various technical components help to improve visibility or are able to prevent accidents well ahead of time. As a manufacturer of innovative new products, we can look back on our years of experience that are reflected in our driver assistance systems. This certainly makes Ried System Electronics the right partner if you want professional and valuable components.

Driver assistance systems for forklifts are a sound investment in greater safety and convenience

Our driver assistance systems for forklifts provide assistance in a wide range of situations and enable optimized driving. This applies to all the system alternatives and camera systems that we offer. If you are still unsure of which system is best suited to your particular requirements or how to best combine individual components, we will be happy to answer any questions. Contact us today!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • More accurate views during loading
  • Early person detection
  • Effective accident prevention
  • Extensive radar systems

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