Distance sensors – radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors and reverse warning systems

Cutting-edge distance sensors for a wide variety of uses

One of the few providers in Europe, we combine modern camera monitor systems with innovative distance sensors.
This combination compensates for the flaws of both systems and increases the chance of avoiding collisions and personal injury. The system uses a warning sound to warn the machine operator of obstacles. The monitor shows information about the type of obstacle, as well as its distance; data from the sensor is displayed on the monitor. Radar technology is generally used at construction sites and mines, while ultrasonic sensors are the first choice for road use.

Obstacle detection for construction machines

Many heavy construction machines have a limited field of view due to their design and therefore must maneuver blindly. As a result, accidents with construction machinery occur year after year, often with serious personal injury. To reduce the risk of accidents, we use heavy-duty radar sensors on wheeled loaders, excavators and other construction vehicles. These should detect the area in front of or behind the vehicle and warn the driver actively when an obstacle is detected. Our ControLaser traffic light module can define three zones and trigger different events, such as decreasing the vehicle’s speed. CAN-bus networking allows us to use up to 8 radar sensors per vehicle.

Proximity assessment in tunnel fires

When there is fire in a tunnel, the fire department must respond immediately. In this case, tunnel fire trucks, which can drive on wheels as well as automatically on rails, are used. In tunnel fires, visibility in the tunnel is abruptly lost as a result of smoke; tunnel walls and obstacles such as abandoned vehicles or hanging ceiling panels must be assessed by technical devices. As there is little room for large emergency vehicles in tunnels, ultrasonic sensor assistance is incredibly useful.
These sensors are mounted laterally and on both ends of the vehicle and can flawlessly detect a range of five to below zero meters. For railway companies, we also use this type of distance sensor to enable docking to the buffer with to-the-centimeter precision.

Reversing alarm systems alert those at risk

Reversing alarms are an important addition when it comes to preventing accidents when vehicles are backing up. These alarms warn not the driver of the vehicle, but the person at risk. Reversing alarms are available with the classic “beep” tone, as well as the newer, innovative broadband “hissing” tone. Broadband reverse alarms offer users more advantages compared to the classic “beep” alarms. The broadband sound is composed of different frequencies, is directed and thus locatable. To ensure locatability, the broadband alarm must be able to radiate freely i.e., it cannot be installed under a metal sheet or similar object. The tone of the broadband alarm gets lost more easily in the environment, and the noise becomes less bothersome faster to other people nearby who are not at risk. With the broadband alarm, the ever-recurring topic of noise pollution with colleagues and nearby residents is a thing of the past. The high frequency tone of the “beeper alarm” travels very far, is not directed, and thus not locatable.
Depending on the use, there are a wide variety of volumes and designs available, from the low-priced indoor design for industrial trucks, to the heavy-duty metal reversing alarms with inverted speakers for heavy construction machinery.

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Laser distance sensors for precise measurement

The most precise distance sensor features modern laser technology. Precision and high reliability paired with relative imperviousness to adverse influences are the best reasons to choose laser distance sensor technology from Ried. Do you need to determine the current position of an 840°F hot steel slab in a rolling mill? How close can you get to an airliner with a mobile passenger escalator without touching it? Oh, and do you need to be able to do it at any time, even in heavy snowfall and when it is -15°F out?

Does this sound familiar? We will be happy to assist you in analyzing your needs and finding the perfect solution.

PIR theft protection sensors detect people – perfect for high-value cargo

This special type of sensor detects sources of heat. The sensor can recognize and differentiate between living beings, stationary objects and even running machines that produce heat. One special use of this type of sensor is for load securing on commercial vehicles. In the event that the driver briefly leaves the open truck to unload, the PIR sensor can be activated to give off an alert if an unknown person enters the cargo area. If this happens, the driver is then notified by text message or alarm so he or she can investigate the cause.

Look forward to these advantages:

  • Active warning for the driver and people nearby
  • Centimeter-precise assessment of obstacles in smoke
  • Reduced noise from reverse warning with broadband sound
  • Laser distance sensors for special uses
  • Cargo security with PIR theft protection sensors

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