Safety and reliability with Ried System Electronic

Military and defense vehicles worldwide are equipped with assistance systems from Ried System Electronic. These non-weapon-relevant systems reduce the risk of accidents when maneuvering and driving extremely unwieldy, wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles. In addition, our camera systems ensure a safe all-round view at all times and in all weather conditions.

Due to day-long stays in their vehicles during transportation, troops often lose their bearings with regards to their surroundings. Our camera systems provide considerable aid in these psychologically critical situations. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used at night, saving lives in critical missions. 

Ried System Electronics also offers innovative communication systems that allow for optimal speech clarity in even the harshest conditions. A vehicle’s crew can be understood clearly and precisely via an intercom system integrated into their helmets; at the same time, the user’s hearing is reliably protected against the effects of noise.

Look forward to the following advantages:

  • 360° surround view
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Optimal communication

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