ControLaser ROBOT

Compact thermal imaging cameras for fire departments and command vehicles

A compact thermal imaging camera on a command vehicle offers considerable advantages, especially for fire departments. It can be used not only to detect fires but also to detect people.

Our ROBOT thermal imaging camera from our ControLaser brand offers the option to switch between different color palettes (standard / isothermal / gray scale), numerous special functions such as digital zoom (up to 8x), electronic panning and tilting, and digital temperature measurement. The individual functions can be controlled via an RS-485 control unit.

Depending on how the camera will be used, you can choose between the following lenses: 7mm, 9mm, 13mm or 19mm.

Night vision camera for police vehicles

In combination with our R7 video glasses, ControLaser ROBOT is the perfect night vision camera for police vehicles. In this case, the camera is mounted and concealed on the front of the vehicle and, if needed, paired with video glasses via a Wi-Fi module. This will transmit the thermal image directly onto the R7’s head-up displays. This means that, despite complete blackout mode, the driver can easily navigate dark forest roads and also sees whether people or other living beings are in the distance.

In principle, this thermal imaging camera has many more areas of use than the ones mentioned here. Simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss all possible uses and options with you.

 Technical specifications:

  • Resolution: 324 x 256 pixels or 640 x 512 pixels
  • Image angle: depends on objective lens
  • Frame rate: 9 Hz (PAL)
  • Zoom: 2x/4x/8x
  • Housing: aluminum
  • Protection class: IP68 (waterproof)
  • Operating voltage: 10-36V DC
  • Energy consumption: 100mA
  • Working temperature: -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F
  • Dimensions (T x B x H): 75 x 75 x 88 mm

Weight: ca. 540g / ca. 19 ounces