ControLaser Fusion-X1

Thermal image camera of tomorrow


Compact Thermal Daylight Camera combination for use on Airport Fireengines, S.W.A.T. Teams, Mission Control Vehicles or Military Vehicles.

The Fusion-X1 consists of a high-resolution
Thermal Image Camera with FLIR TAU core
and a Daylight / Low Light Camera with megapixel resolution.

The Robot Overlay 8002 is used for continuous fading between the two camera images. 
In the fade-over mode, the user has the option
of switching through various colour patterns of
the Thermal Image Camera or switching to
the „Superemposed“ mode, in which only heat sources with a certain temperature are filtered
out and coloured.

The WTX-200 miniature control panel is required to control all functions.


  • Resolution Thermal Image Camera: 640 x 512 Pixel
  • Resolution Low Light Camera: 1280 x 924 Pixel
  • Power Supply: 10-36V DC
  • Lightsensitivity Low Light Camera: 0,00001 Lux
  • Number of Colour Patterns: 15
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • 2x to 8x digital zoom with Thermal Image Camera
  • Control via RS-485


  • WTX-200 manual control mit RS-485 Control
  •  Video Overlay Type 8002 - Digital video overlay for 2 analog cameras