Camera Monitor Systems

Much more than just hardware

Camera monitor systems from Ried consist of not only a backup camera, connector cables and a monitor. In addition to classic backup cameras, side cameras and front cameras, Ried System Electronic GmbH specializes in complex video systems for special vehicles. In addition to several standard cameras, we offer zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras and digital recorders for document missions, as well as video printers and specially-developed video distributors.

Surround view for all-round visibility

We also offer surround view systems for commercial vehicles and buses. In this system, a bird’s eye view image is created, allowing the driver to maneuver more accurately and also see the entire area around the vehicle. Small 180° cameras are mounted in the center of the vehicle’s sides. Through a special calibration process, the images are then electronically equalized to ensure an unobstructed all-round view.

Standard backup camera systems

We also provide standard backup camera systems for all types of use. Choose between numerous rear view camera models and rear view monitors with 7-19" displays. Thanks to in-house cable production, we can offer all the connection cables you need in any length.

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