Increased safety on your construction site with camera monitor systems

Wherever construction vehicles are used, whether in road construction, track construction or mining, life-threatening accidents can often occur. Modern camera monitor systems can help prevent such accidents. Ried System Electronic’s high-tech automotive electronics greatly increase workplace safety on construction sites.

Stand within the turning range of an excavator and you can quickly find yourself in a blind spot, putting yourself in great danger. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a camera-monitor system.

Additional warning with our backup alarms

We have kept audible signals to act as an additional warning. In particular, the beep or synthetic noise of a reversing alarm installed on the vehicle offers an unmistakable warning for people in the danger zone.

Distance sensors for even more precise maneuvering

Sometimes, despite backup cameras, people in a vehicle’s blind spot are not seen. To help avoid this problem we use special radar distance sensors. They detect people or objects down to the smallest distance. With the help of various accessories, it is possible to offer drivers an additional active warning with an audible or visual signal.

Look forward to the following advantages and more:

  • Safe driving and maneuvering
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Audible warnings
  • Active driver warning

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