Backup camera systems for trucks and construction machinery

Reversing camera systems for trucks

Despite all the high-tech driver assistance systems used, reversing a truck can still end in damage. The easiest solution is a backup camera system for trucks. These systems consist of at least three components (camera, monitor and cable) and can be retrofitted at any time. Many service shops of well-known body manufacturers use our systems with the utmost satisfaction. The purpose of these systems – a better overview while reversing – is perfectly fulfilled.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we offer systems in all price ranges and with higher quality or lower quality. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable system – simply contact us today.

Backup cameras for trailers

We can also equip semi-trailers and similar commercial vehicles with a reversing camera system. Here, a camera is mounted on the towing vehicle and a backup camera on the trailer. The cameras are connected via our so-called Easy Connect System.

This system is characterized by its especially durable connection cable with waterproof connectors and common 7-pole ABS sockets and ABS plugs.

One special feature we offer is automatic trailer detection. This switches to the corresponding rear view camera immediately when the trailer has been connected. We can also use an external switch so that the driver can briefly see the camera between the towing vehicle and the trailer.

For many years, we have equipped large manufacturers such as Schmitz Cargobull with backup cameras for trailers.

Sturdy backup cameras for construction machinery

A durable backup camera for construction machinery has to withstand strong vibrations, dirt and the toughest conditions. Our reversing camera systems are specified according to protection class IP69K (high-pressure-cleaner-proof) and meet all requirements. Vibration-resistant metal housing, weatherproof, bend-resistant connection cables and high video resolution: there’s almost no customer request we can’t fulfill.

Simply contact our sales team if you are looking for a backup system for your construction vehicles.

Our systems:

  • can be combined flexibly depending on customer’s requirements
  • have the highest quality according to protection class IP69K
  • are certified for all vehicles (e-Mark)