RIED System Electronic GmbH: Areas of business

Our expertise is your best co-pilot

As a responsible driver, you will have an overview of everything and be able to protect other drivers and passengers from dangerous situations thanks to Ried System Electronic. Because we work closely together with technical universities on research projects, we offer you especially innovative products with the highest standard of quality. Put us to the test and share your requirements with us – we guarantee we will find the perfect solution for you.

Our core business

Our core business has always been the detailed project planning, assembly and individual consultation of video systems for special vehicles. For more specialized uses, such as tunnel fire-fighting trucks, we also provide radar or ultrasonic distance sensors. These are typically used to measure lateral distance and to detect people in front of and behind vehicles.

We also equip fire department vehicles and vehicles used for defense with full duplex intercom systems, allowing clear communication between the cab and crew cabin or rear of the vehicle.

We carry tire pressure monitoring systems as a supplementary product group. Most commonly used on commercial vehicles and construction machinery, these regularly and reliably monitor current tire pressure. Our tire pressure monitoring systems give both audible as well as visual alarms when the pressure in a tire is too high or low. We supply suitable valve adapters and (T-piece) extension valves for special vehicles.

Goals and motivation

Our goal is to thoroughly consult with our customers regarding their various needs and requirements, and to find the most suitable solution to their problem as quickly as possible.

With our in-house cable manufacturing and production of special components, we can supply solutions customized to our customers’ needs.  

Additionally, we are proud of our very high levels of flexibility and speed. Our compact team of 15 makes important decisions quickly and we can easily discuss large projects whenever needed. We always communicate openly and honestly with our customers.

Benefit from Ried’s competitive advantage:

  • The latest developments in camera technology
  • Economical system solutions
  • Efficient products perfectly suited to use
  • Compatible product systems
  • Comprehensive consultation

We are your contact for the areas of: