2D / 3D Camera Systems

Greater safety thanks to all-round views

Thanks to cutting-edge, powerful video processor technology, we can offer cameras that transfer more than just a view of what’s behind your vehicle to a monitor: our 2D surround view camera system works with four miniature cameras whose images are edited together by complex image processing and thus provide an all-round view. In the reversing monitor or central display, the driver can see an image of their vehicle from a bird’s eye perspective. It almost gives you the impression that a camera is hovering above your vehicle. Blind spots are practically eliminated and a total all-round view is guaranteed.

3D surround view

Surround view camera systems significantly reduce property damage and personal injury, and handling a large commercial vehicle or carrier becomes much easier. Our innovative 3D surround view camera systems even account for moving parts such as an excavator’s gripper in 3D. Constant recalculation makes it possible to adjust the camera view of the vehicle with moving parts. Special connectors, housing technology and special cameras allow customers to use these systems even under the toughest conditions.

 Your advantages:

  • Helpful all-round view
  • 2D / 3D display
  • Rugged version for heavy duty uses
  • Vehicle-specific options
  • Connection possibilities to a truck’s central display

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